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Fowl Front Waterfowl Podcast

Jul 19, 2019

I felt if I wrote any more right here... that it would detract from how proud I am of this title... but here it goes, remember if you only listen to two podcasts this week.... let it be this one, and I’ll tell ya the other one to listen to... if ya want.

If we have any listening impaired friends here ya go.

Welcome back, it’s Friday. Just a couple more hours till the weekend and here’s your review of the podcasts, and outdoors content I consumed this week, to help you navigate and find the best stuff out there. Hopefully this can help you discover new, better content. Like always keep sending me emailsemail’s with recommendationsreccomendations and I’ll check them out.


Ok, some notable mentions this week The Tom Rowland Podcast, if you’re not familiar the host of the Saltwater experience dives into more than just fishing as he does most weeks with an interview with Blair Wiggins who’s trying to improve water quality with clams, yes clams. Also if you'reyoure into fitness… Tom’s a stud  for an old man… not even for just an old man ..and talks about fitness most fridays so check that out too. We’ve also got The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast who had on Avery Rose...who is heck bent on getting kids into fishing and the outdoors...who is in fact a kid herself...which was really interesting just don’t hear young kids on podcasts was kinda refreshing and sorta motivating, Also we got the Lone Duck’s Gun Dog Chronicles… I don’t even have a dog and I still find myself listening to this podcast so if ya got a gun dog… check out the Lone Duck’s Gun Dog chronicles…Bob the host is just a wealth of knowledge and they cover tons of stuff you can find all these podcasts on the Waypoint Outdoor Collective. Some other notable mentions again is the Burning Creative Podcast and Then Jake Latendresse’s Outdoor Cameraman Experience for the outdoor photographers and videographers.   Also if you’re really into training dogs head over to Facebook and type in The Retriever HQ as in The Retriever Headquarters, its a group of really dedicated, excited and helpful people interested in raising the bar of retriever training discussion. 


Ok on to the countdown!


#9 Interviews with the Hunting Masters-  Episode 211 The Truth about Conservation where the host John Stallone sits down with Charlie Ebbers, an outdoor writer who penned the article Hunter Numbers are Down Why are license sales up? Charlie comes on to the show to talk about the big parable… conflicting data concerning increased Hunting Licenses that are sold compared to Downward Trend of Hunters. We talk about how crowded the boat ramp is these days but the fact that less and less people are hunting… why is that? Go check it out even if you don’t agree it’s a viewpoint to consider and will provoke some thought and hopefully inspire you to research why you think the way you do about the issue.  This was such an interesting interview that I was able to listen through what maybe isn’t the most well produced or clean audio but the episode was good enough to make me hit the subscribe button so maybe we’ll hear more from Charlie Ebbers with Interviews with the Hunting Masters podcast episode 211. 


#8The HP Outdoors Waterfowl Podcast episode 143- Waterfowl Baiting Laws. I was really excited when I saw  this episode notificaton flash across my phone, part of the Reason I started the Fowl Front was so that I could help lower the bar or learning curve for would be waterfowlers and in this week Dan & Josh discuss one of the more taboo and subjective laws surrounding waterfowl hunting in Baiting. They laid out the issues really well but I really wish they would have brought on an expert for this to field some of their questions or unclear narratives which they fully addressed…. Baiting is weird… you can get in trouble with it even if you didn’t do anything and this episode can’t asnwer all of your questions or keep you within the law or its understanding but at least it gets you thinking of some of the scenarios in which baiting occurs so that you can start looking at for your self.


#7 The MVM Show episode #16- Titus and Thomas of Mid Valley Mercenaries sit down and talk to Ben Hardebeck of Motion Ducks Decoy Spreader…. Ok so I’m guilty of it… I’ve had people on soley to talk about products and their companies and I learned its really’s not great for the message I want to spread especially if its just promotion of some company and an hour long I kinda slumped my head down and put it on the back burner… stupid… turns out Ben Hardebeck is actually just a really cool and interesting Pacific Northwest Duck hunter that stumbled upon an invention out of necessitiy and turned it into a cool product and pretty decent story teller with some interesting insight to hunting the PNW, Check out the MVM Show Episode #16 for some good west coast duck talkin.


#6 End of the Line Podcast Episode 380- host Rocky Leflore does another montage/compilation episode of his favorite stories by guests he’s had on over the course of 380 Episodes. Patrick Pitt, Tony Vandemore, Hunting along with Gators, Band Stealin Guides he goes over it and once agin…. He’s all about the stories so if you’ve never listened to End of the Line… this is a really good sawtooth into the stories he’s had one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about my favorite analogy to history and historians is by The Great Aldo Leopold in a sand county almanac, a must read for anyone that is interested in conservation anyways he being Aldo Leopold talks about how historians lay into history like a sawyer does into wood, you can either use a saw and cut across the lumber and you can examine a very shallow amount of information and stories all at once because you can look at all the rings the way a saw cuts, but you use an axe or a wedge to go down into the wood so that you can get a very narrow or focussed look across many years as you cut out a wedge, and then the hatchet which can lop off certain limbs or story lines to look at. Anyways sorry about that, Rocky doesn’t tlak about this on his podcast or anything but this episode gives you a saw cut into what Rocky has done and content he’s produced over the years with all the guests and friends he’s talked with. End of the Line Podcasts episode 380.


#5 The Big Honker Podcast- Episodes this week to listen to damn they’ve had 4 of them since I last released the AAR, Always entertaining… don’t always agree with Jeff and Andy but if you’re into Republican based, Pro Trump or just love real people talking about Their Experiences through life all based around hunting and examining cultures of those that share in the sport. I only had time to listen to Episode 185: Public land hunter-  where they had on two friends from north of the Canada Border Wall, and give you a glimpse into what its like hunting north of where us americans usually make it they also go into some big game hunting up there as well, other peisodes they released, 188 with that Hockey Coach that’s been in the media recently and 10 minutes with the patriarch de stanfield Ron Stanfield for his take on current events… even if you’re not into republican rhetoric theres still some really entertaining stuff on here… cracks me up to hear them banter on. 


#4 The Meat Eater Podcast episode 177 titled Poison vs Choppers where the Janis and Steve sit down and talk with Carter Smith of Texas Parks and Wildlife Departement to talk about the vast, crazy and extremely divers texas landscape and its wildlife  inhabitants both Native and Exotic alike. Also examines the vast...yet proud manner that they manage large swaths of privately owned land and the unique opportunities and challenges of conservation in Texas, definitely worth the time to listen. Texas holds a special place in my heart from a waterfowl persepctive but its always kinda made me a public land opportunist… irritated that it costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars most places to even get permission to hunt white tail down there … at least where I was… and that’s probably not true for everyone of course just kinda my own persoal experience so this was kind of a brain turner or me and gave me lots to chew on and mull over. Always highly produced and an easy listen.


Hey boys, wanna kill two birds with one stone, impress your wife and help save a turtles life! Grab that ol’ bra (thats right) out of your old ladies drawer, go buy her a new one of the same size…(having messed this one up once, I usually delegate this sort of gift selection to my wife’s sister) So take the old bra and send it to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue so that a turtle can use it… now I’ve never seen a turtle with breasts, and with all the rain that kansas has had i’ve seen a lot of turtles on the road lately which leads to increased vehicular injury and death rates . The carolina water fowl rescue group is using the clasps of donated bras, which they glue to turltes shelsl in order to hold the broken shells together with wire while the glue allows the shell to heal. Seriously. 


#3 Cal’s Week in Review wiht Meat Eater’s Ryan “Cal” Callahan, slap stick, quick hitting fun facts that are sure to make you the most interesting conversationlist to anyone that doesn’t listen to this show. Its a 13 minute quick show that I listen to each week so I’m just gonna rate it, not ruin it with conversation but lets just say … there are some A-hole birds in Austrailia … like most animals in australia which are A-holes… apparently their birds are all for anarchy...seriously go listen to this because its not just funny interesting facts… theres a lot of conservation issues brought up and its pretty motivating.Plus how is some old widow, her wedding ring and a trout have to do with beer?


#2The Duck Gun Podcast with State of the Hatch with Delta Waterfowl’s  John Devney where they talk all about this years hatch, and what it could mean for this years season...also Jordan laments about his never ending quest for a pintail and some interesting research points on that. Elliott eludes to some of my fears about the upcoming season with all of the vegetation and food I hunt over is about 20 foot under water and probably wont be there this season so I’m gonna have to switch up how i do things this year here in kansas plus a lot more interesting facts, like…how everyone thinks oh… USFWS says 9.8 million mallards this year… yeah well thats the breeding population theres actually a lot more than that by the time they get to ya… cause of duck love, lots of good facts John Deveny the VP of Delta waterfow super knowledgable and duck conservation conversationalist  over on the Duck Gun Podcast.


#1 You Can’t stop him… Ben Obrien, The Hunting Collective… Episode 70. Visiting a Vegan Butcher Shop& Conservation with an Animal Rights Activist.This is week 3 at the #1 slot for The Hunting  Collective and this episode It’s exacty as the title says. This is a really important conversation and I’m glad it was had and theres alot to be learned from it… I was dissapointed in the Interviewee…maybe there could have been someone out there that would have provided a better converation but he demonstrated very clearly the flaws and … I dont know weak legs that they kinda stand on when it comes to their prinical argument. Anyways I wanna top this off with saying this… this isn’t the most important conversation to be had… the real important conversation is one that you can have, and you don’t need a podcast or noteriety to have it. That converstion is with your neighbor, firneds. Its not the animal activist that will end hunting or access to wild place and wild things… its the apathetic. The poeple that don’t care at all one reason or the other… reach out and spread the right message and raise the rhetoric.


Alright, hey if you’re looking for great waterfowl content head on over to youtube and check out High Prairie Sportsmen, Freelance Duck Hunting, Duck Gun Chrnoicles & Mid Valley mercenary, if you wanna check out some awesome hunting and fishing content, head on over to the Netflix of Hunting over at Waypoint TV, they got apps, roku, smart tv and a website… its not gonna be too much longer that the evil mega corporations like youtube smother all guns and hunting content from their services… I kid… kinda… so go support someone with your best interest at heart with your viewership over on waypoint tv. Also… its that time of year, and if you need to renew your memberships to Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl nows the timeNext week