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Fowl Front Waterfowl Podcast

Apr 8, 2018

This week we talk with Matt from High Prairie Sportsmen about decoys and decoy strategies.

Apr 1, 2018

In this episode the guys cover how to utilize the internet and resources available to find public, and private land to hunt on. Check out KB Retrievers and Wheels on Water and go help them get disabled hunters back out where they belong at . Also head on over to 

Mar 25, 2018

This week we talk to Kevin Fontenot of KB Retrievers and Wheels on Water, an organization for Disabled Hunters, Fishers and Outdoorsmen and Women. After an accident that left Kevin in a chair, he continued to love the outdoors and follow his passions in hunting and fishing and is now looking to provide others that...

Mar 19, 2018

Welcome to the 2nd Episode where Ben and Austin delve into waterfowl behavior and external factors that influence ducks and geese... because knowledge is power.

Mar 11, 2018

Welcome to the Fowl Front Waterfowl Podcast, where our goal is to get you from the couch to the blind with everything you need to know about hunting waterfowl.